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chiropractic treatment for tendonitis in Dallas.

What is Biceps Tendonitis? 

Biceps tendonitis refers to tendonitis of the bicep tendon, typically the long head of the bicep, as opposed to the short head of the bicep. 


This type of tendonitis can be frustrating because the tendon has poor blood circulation and can take a long time to heal if the right treatment and rehabilitation exercises are administered.

What does Biceps Tendonitis Feel Like? - Symptoms

Biceps tendonitis usually results in pain in the front of the shoulder towards where the long head of the bicep's tendon attaches towards the labrum of the shoulder or at the bicipital groove. This can be a result of impingement syndrome but usually hurts with overhead motions of the arm and shoulder. This can also hurt with loading the biceps when exercising. 

biceps tendonitis

Chiropractic Treatment for Biceps Tendonitis

Soft tissue work such as IASTM, cupping or manual therapy are very helpful. Dry needling can be very effective for treating this because it helps to improve blood circulation to the area and stimulate tissue healing. Specific rehabilitation and strengthening exercises for this are typically utilized as well to stabilize the shoulder and remodel the biceps tendon.

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