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chiropractor treatment for impingement syndrome pain in Dallas.

What is Impingement Syndrome?

Impingement syndrome refers to soft tissue getting compressed due to biomechanical problems, which usually results in pain. Impingement syndrome in the shoulder is one of the more common areas referring the the rotator cuff of long head of the biceps tendon getting compressed repeatedly with overhead motions by the acromion process of the shoulder. 

This typically results in sharp pain or a pinch in the front or top of the shoulder. There can also be pain in the back of the shoulder as well if there is a posterior impingement syndrome. It can be difficult to perform overhead motions due to the pain and it may limit shoulder range of motion due to pain. It can also result in some swelling or popping in the area. Weakness can be a result of pain when trying to go through overhead movements with the arm.

How Can a Chiropractor Help with Impingement Syndrome?

Chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain experienced as a result of Impingement Syndrome has been shown to be very effective. Some treatments that your chiropractor may try are myofascial release, manual therapy, cupping, dry needling, and soft tissue manipulation. Specific rehabilitation exercises for this are helpful as well to stabilize the shoulder and teach proper movement patterns and biomechanics of the shoulder and shoulder blade as well.

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