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What is Pronator Teres Syndrome?

Pronator Teres Syndrome is a condition characterized by compression or irritation of the median nerve as it passes through the pronator teres muscle in the forearm. This syndrome is somewhat similar to carpal tunnel syndrome but occurs at a different location along the course of the median nerve.

The pronator teres muscle is located in the forearm and is involved in the rotation of the forearm and the flexion of the elbow. The median nerve travels through the pronator teres muscle on its way from the brachial plexus in the neck to the hand. Causes of pronator teres syndrome include repetitive forearm movements, overuse of the forearm muscles, direct trauma to the pronator teres muscle, or anatomical variations that can increase pressure on the median nerve within the muscle.

What are common symptoms for Pronator Teres Syndrome?

When there is compression or irritation of the median nerve within the pronator teres muscle, it can lead to symptoms such as:

  1. Pain or aching in the forearm: Individuals may experience pain along the inner aspect of the forearm, particularly near the elbow.

  2. Weakness in hand and fingers: Weakness or difficulty with fine motor skills in the hand and fingers, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, can occur.

  3. Tingling or numbness: There may be sensations of tingling or numbness in the palm and fingers, particularly in the distribution of the median nerve.

  4. Pronator teres muscle tenderness: Tenderness over the pronator teres muscle may be present, and certain movements or activities can exacerbate symptoms.

How can Chiropractic care help Pronator Teres Syndrome?

Chiropractic treatment can be helpful by utilizing soft tissue therapies to help reduce compression of the median nerve in the forearm and wrist area, wrist and elbow manipulation can decrease symptoms and improve mobility, and taping, bracing and rehabilitation techniques all can be used as well to improve symptoms as well.

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