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Try our Exercise Related Low Back Pain Program!

12 visit program to eliminate your exercise induced pain!

Evidence-Based Programming

This 12 visit program will guarantee results. We will start with a thorough new patient exam to figure out the root cause of your pain and break it down for you in detail. We will create an individualized treatment and rehabilitation program for you to help you reach your goals. We will walk you through this program to help you achieve your goals! Each follow-up visit will be an hour long, which includes time spent on both treatment and rehabilitation exercises.


One-on-One Care

You will work one-on-one with the provider through the treatment and rehabilitation program to ensure goals are being met. The provider who creates the program with you will be the one to provide ALL of the treatment and teach you every single exercise and progression of those exercises so that way you progress through the program safely and with results. You will not be passed off to an assistant to monitor the exercises.



This is an all cash-based pricing since the appointments are longer sessions with an extensive amount of treatment and rehabilitation. Each session will cost $200, but there are two pre-paid package deals that we offer to allow for savings.


Prepay 6 visits at $1080 and save $120.

Prepay 12 visits at $2040 and save $360.

Weightlifting exercises

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